Cholesterol Is Officially Not Terrible for You Anymore

Step away from the sad scrambled egg whites.
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Like she was about most things in life, Nora Ephron was correct about dietary cholesterol: It's not actually super scary and bad for you! And science that could soon be supported by the federal government agrees!

According to the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, a fun time if we ever heard one, cholesterol will no longer be listed as a "nutrient of concern." This means they're upending the recommended 300 milligrams a day, which in turn means you can go crazy and have two eggs for breakfast—with the yolks. (FYI: One large egg has 200 mg of cholesterol.)

But don't take the DGAC's new findings as permission to chow down on lobster and cheeseburgers—basically the entire menu of Burger & Lobster—with abandon. Some people do experience health benefits from limiting their daily intake, and you should really consult a medical professional before making any dietary changes. But just think—no more sad egg-white omelettes!

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