QUIZ: How Stressed Are You?

Are you a heart attack on legs or are you cool as a cucumber?

stressed woman with a headache
(Image credit: Suprijono Suharjoto)

1. I feel like a grade-A multitasker when:

I read the paper with my GoLean Crunch.

b. I field client phone calls while ordering my best friend's birthday present on bluefly.com while eating my seaweed-salad lunch.

c. I BlackBerry during sex.

2. If I were to file a complaint with OSHA, I would cite the following work-related ailments:

That nasty manila-folder paper cut.

b. Do reading glasses count?

c. IBS, sleeplessness, hair loss, lockjaw, forehead wrinkling requiring Botox, carpal tunnel . . .

3. I go into panic mode when:

My cable's out.

b. I'm late to a gyno appointment because of gridlock, or when my anniversary falls during a major work deadline.

c. I wake up.

4. If you hooked me up to a heart monitor and showed me copies of my credit report, you'd observe:

My resting heart rate.

b. A noticeable spike followed by quick stabilization. The numbers could be better, but I've got a two-year plan in place to be debt-free.

c. Ready the defibrillator!

5. When I'm feeling stressed, I:

Self-medicate with a couple of bong hits and a bottle of white zin.

b. Methodically cross the next three items off my to-do list before going for a jog in the park with my golden retriever and making dinner with my significant other. (I'm an equal-opportunist.)

c. Beeline for Starbucks and order up a "Black Eye": a drip coffee plus two shots of espresso. (Gotta grease the productivity machine.)

6. The Grey's Anatomy character whose stress-management style I relate to most is:

Meredith Grey . . . I'm unflappable--some days thanks to heavy meds; others, tequila.

b. Cristina Yang . . . I'm excitable, but always in control.

c. Izzie Stevens . . . One more spaz-out and I'm permanently demoted to desk duty.

7. What I love most about caffeine is:

How it gets me through a hungover Sunday morning.

b. Its presence in my cellulite cream. (I apply it daily.)

c. In beverage form or Excedrin, it erases my damn stress headaches.


Mostly A's: Cool as a Corpse

Your blood pressure's so low, smoking and a high-sodium diet are doc's orders.

Mostly B's: Stress Is Your BFF

Driven yet balanced, you let stress motivate but not dominate.

Mostly C's: Heart Attack on Legs

You live with chest pains the way most of us live with split ends.