The Fitbit Luxe Is On Major Sale at Best Buy

Treat yourself to an early Christmas gift.

fitbit luxe 1-1
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Not only is the high-tech device a great way to begin integrating a workout into your daily life, but it's also on sale right now at Best Buy as a part of the store's ongoing Wish List event (opens in new tab). You can snag one for yourself for $99.95, down from the original price of $149.95. The sale is running from November 12 right through November 14, so the deal won't last long.

And, if you're wondering what makes this sleek version worth it, here's the deal: Rather than just focusing on your physical health, the Luxe takes your mental health into account, too. An in-app Stress Management Score tracks signs of stress and gives you a score—the higher your score, the better. It also tracks how well (or how lightly) you sleep at night, tells you how ready your body is for a workout with a Daily Readiness Score, and identities the best times for you to work out throughout the day based on your heart rate. Oh—and it lasts for up to five days on one full charge, so you don't have to worry about it dying on you mid-run. Here's to actually going on daily jogs in 2022.

Julia Marzovilla
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