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Meghan Markle Loves Diptyque Candles Just as Much as You Do

Does Harry know he's not supposed to light it?

meghan markle

It has come to my attention that Meghan Markle and I have a very deep connection: We are both unable to resist the allure of overpriced, wonderfully-smelling, gorgeous Diptyque candles. Considering we technically share the same name (ahem, Rachel Meghan Markle), it's no surprise that we also have great taste in candles.

This week, fans spotted a Diptyque candle in the background of Meghan's California home while she was filming a surprise "good luck" message for one of the finalists on the America's Got Talent finale. Though my eyes may deceive me (think twice before getting LASIK), it's lookin' like Meg has chosen the Tubereuse scent ($68) for her and Prince Harry's new home. In case you're unfamiliar, Tubereuse is a floral scent with notes of tuberose, a flower known to "deploy its captivating sensuality at dusk." Sexy!

meghan markle

Diptyque's "Baies" is one of the Parisian candle house's most popular scents, but beloved candle hoarders may try and convince you that "Roses," "Feu de Bois," "Jasmin," and "Figuier" are the more elite scents. It wouldn't be shocking if Meg had additional Diptyque candles placed around her house because, as anybody who owns a Diptyque candle knows, once you buy one it's impossible not to buy three more.

If you've been #influenced to add another Diptyque candle to your collection or just want to treat yourself during the chaotic times we're living in, shop these options, below.

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