17 Books About Fashion Your Coffee Table Is Missing

The perfect low-key accent piece.

There are few accent pieces as easy to add to a living space as a dazzling, glossy coffee-table book about the fashion industry. These chic books add an edge to any room, whether they're sitting pretty on your coffee table or live on the bedside table in your bedroom, and they give guests the sense that you, the host, are as chic and up-to-date on trends as they come. And that's without mentioning how breathtaking these books are on the inside, providing you or your guest with a means to stop, relax, and lose yourself in the luxury world of high fashion for a few minutes. There are a ton of fashion coffee table books out there, and unlike other accent pieces, you don't have to spend the big bucks or pay someone on TaskRabbit to nail the pieces together after you lose the instruction manual. These editions are gorgeous on the inside and the outside, and easily the most affordable accent piece you'll find anywhere.


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Bianca Rodriguez

Bianca Rodriguez is the Fashion & Luxury Commerce Manager at Hearst Magazines, covering fashion, beauty, and more for Cosmopolitan, Elle, Esquire, Harper’s BAZAAR, and Town & Country. She likes lounging about with a good book and thinks a closet without platform sneakers is a travesty.