How Coupons Work at Marie Claire

Find out how the Marie Claire team source, test and make money from promo codes, while offering our readers a discount on premium fashion and lifestyle products.

Why does Marie Claire offer promo codes?

 As a recognized fashion and beauty authority, we believe it goes hand-in-hand with our wider content. At Marie Claire, our multi-award-winning team of journalists, editors, and writers constantly review the latest fashion and beauty trends, from footwear, clothing, and accessories to skincare, hair care, and wellness products.

 We know our audience is eager to find more affordable ways to shop for the pieces and products we recommend. The retailers we offer promo codes for are fashion, beauty, and lifestyle retailers our editors trust.

Since our first print issue in 1994, Marie Claire has been championing sustainability. That’s reflected in the retailers we offer promo codes for.

How does Marie Claire source coupon codes?

 We source, curate, and hand-test all coupon codes and money-saving advice ourselves. No third parties are involved in the sourcing or creation of our promo codes or savings content. 

As part of Future PLC, we have access to a central eCommerce platform called Hawk, which allows us to incorporate promo codes effectively. Alongside the wider Marie Claire team, we’ve hand-selected brands we trust and turn to ourselves. 

We have a dedicated team of Marie Claire deal experts committed to curating, verifying, and listing the best coupons and money advice. Our team also has close working relationships with affiliate networks and brands, which we will always disclose. These relationships are how we attain exclusive promo codes from coveted brands. 

We know there is no substitute for hard work, especially with financial health. Our deal experts check brand and competitor websites, combing through newsletters for sales and coupons to test and list. This means you can make smart spending choices with coupons that work at a single destination. 

All coupon codes and sale intel on our brand pages are updated daily by our savings team. 

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Why trust Marie Claire?

 As the world’s first modern women’s magazine, Marie Claire has been a trusted authority in women’s lives since Jean Prouvost founded the brand in 1937. The first Marie Claire print issue hit newsstands in 1994. 

We’ve established ourselves as an internationally recognized platform for fashion and beauty reviews, with our editors and experts constantly testing products and treatments. We’ve developed a reputation for award-winning features and highly editorial pieces, achieving a green standard for credibility and trustworthiness from NewsGuard.

Our dedicated team brings this same commitment to our coupon pages. We’ve curated a list of fashion and beauty brands that we believe offer sophisticated, worthwhile products. We continuously hand-test and verify all coupon codes and sale deals.

Marie Claire is one of the most trusted women’s lifestyle magazines globally, and we take our readers’ faith in us seriously. That’s why our team produces and creates our coupon content, without any third-party contributions. 

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How do we make money?

 When you use a coupon code or offer from Marie Claire, we may receive a commission if you then continue to make a purchase.

Our coupons, discounts, and sale deals are updated daily. To achieve this, we have a dedicated team of editors, financial deal experts, affiliate managers, commercial account managers, and developers behind Marie Claire, and they need to be compensated for their work. 

When one of our readers finds a coupon to suit their purchase, they click on it and are taken to the retailer’s website. When this happens, a cookie is dropped to let the retailer know this person is coming from Marie Claire. If the individual purchases at the retailer, we may then get a commission. The amount of this commission depends on the retailer and our relationship with the brand. 

Our parent site, Future PLC, also has in-depth terms and conditions that share how money is made across its many publications. You can also find out more about Future PLC here.

How do we test coupon codes?

 We want to make sure every reader has a positive experience, so we test each promo code. This means using real people to hand-test each promo code themselves. 

At Marie Claire, a member of our savings team will do this by directly visiting the brand’s website. They will add products to their basket that match the promo code terms and conditions, then add our code to the dedicated box at the checkout. If the code does not work, we will not add it to our pages.

If the code does work, we will add it to the retailer’s dedicated coupon page on Marie Claire. Our team will also revisit the page the next day to make sure the code is still working. 

It’s important to note that some retailers can discontinue a code without notifying us. If this happens, we will try to remove the coupon as soon as possible. That’s why our team does not list any one-time codes or user-specific discount codes, as these are unlikely to work after one use. 

What if a discount code doesn’t work?

 To check the terms and conditions of a coupon, click the “View terms & conditions” button underneath the offer title. Be sure to check if there is a minimum spend, whether your product is included in the offer, or whether verification is needed for student, military, or health worker discounts.

If you are sure you meet the conditions of the coupon, but you are still having difficulty, you can contact our customer support team via email at