Naked First Lady

A nude photo of France's first lady, Carla Bruni Sarkozy, is going up for sale at Christie's on April 10. Rumors are flying that it'll fetch $4,000. Here's the thing: It is a really beautiful, stark, sexy portrait. But I can't stop thinking about how this would play in America. If a naked photo of Michelle Obama went viral on the Internet right now, I can all but guarantee it would end Obama's Presidential bid. And if the photos were purposeful — not just stolen off a camera-phone or something — I think the fallout would be even worse. Yet it doesn't seem to be affecting Sarkozy at all (other than putting a big, dopey, "You all want to have sex with my hot wife" grin on his face).

Daily dishers: Would you hang an artful nude of the first lady above your mantel?

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