Naked First Lady

A naked portrait of Carla Bruni Sarkozy, is going up for sale at Christie’s on April 10.

nude photo of France's first lady (opens in new tab), Carla Bruni Sarkozy, is going up for sale at Christie's on April 10. Rumors are flying that it'll fetch $4,000. (opens in new tab) Here's the thing: It is a really beautiful, stark, sexy portrait. But I can't stop thinking about how this would play in America. If a naked photo of Michelle Obama went viral on the Internet right now, I can all but guarantee it would end Obama's Presidential bid. And if the photos were purposeful — not just stolen off a camera-phone or something — I think the fallout would be even worse. Yet it doesn't seem to be affecting Sarkozy at all (other than putting a big, dopey, "You all want to have sex with my hot wife" grin on his face).

Daily dishers: Would you hang an artful nude of the first lady above your mantel?