Why You'll See Evil Eye Gloves at the March for Our Lives

And here's how you can make your own.

Evil Eye Gloves March for Our Lives
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The March for Our Lives is taking place this weekend, and there's one symbol you're likely to see over and over, and that's the evil eye.


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In the same way that pink pussy hats became iconic at the Women's March, evil eye gloves are set to become the symbol used at March for Our Lives. Participants are already taking to social media to share their "evil eye" gloves, and for a very important reason.

Created by Krista Suh, who was also behind the pink pussy hats, the campaigner revealed how she thought up the idea. Writing about the new symbol on her blog (via CNN), Suh said, "It came to me in a dream, just minutes before waking up—I had a dream of a protest, a huge peaceful crowd with their hands outstretched toward the sky—each palm had a huge EYE drawn on it. It was a Sea of Eyes."

As for why the eyes are so important, Suh revealed, "Congress needs to know that the people are watching."

According to CNN, more than a thousand pairs of gloves have been donated to the cause by crafters from all over the world, with many marchers making their own in preparation for the event.

Speaking to USA Today about the movement, Suh explained that the "evil eyes" also serve as a warning: "We have our eyes on politicians who take money from the NRA... We are watching, and you need to serve the people, not lobbyists."

If you'd like to make your own pair of evil eye gloves in support of March For Our Lives, there's a handy template and step-by-step guide available.

Amy Mackelden

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