VP Debate Memes Are Lighting Up Twitter

"Every woman I know has given this look when some man attempts to mansplain or present an idea that isn’t theirs."

Kamala Harris VP debate
(Image credit: Pool)

On one hand, there was a lot less yelling during the vice presidential debate than the presidential one that preceded it. On the other hand, there was a lot of interrupting, plenty of straight-up lies, and some very odd segues. But there's one thing that the VP debate between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence provided much of: Memes. Memes! One of the only things that could possibly spark joy in an election like this one—in a year like this one, for that matter! We all need some good memes right now!

Plenty of the memes used Kamala Harris' truly epic side-eye as a jumping-off point. Others took aim at Pence. Whatever you thought of the debate, you no doubt need a laugh and a stiff drink, and while I can't provide the latter, please allow me to present the memes.

That Raised Eyebrow

Mike Pence Kept Changing the Subject?

Excuse Me, Buddy

Listen to the Science!

This Expression, Though

Every Woman Gets It

I'm Speaking