Women Are Watching

Today Planned Parenthood launches a new political action campaign to make women's voices heard in the 2012 elections.

Women are Watching
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There's just one year to go before the major elections of 2012 and the Planned Parenthood Action Fund is not going to let its mission go unnoticed by politicians across the country on both a federal and a state level. And that's why today they've launched the "Women Are Watching" political action campaign.

In speaking about the campaign yesterday Cecile Richards, President of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, pointed out that there was a 13 point gender gap in the 2008 election and that number will indeed be very significant if not larger in 2012. With women's health under attack on many levels across America, Women Are Watching will give readers correct information about exactly what the candidates are saying, what legislation is in motion to take away women's health rights and give you ways to get involved. The site also gives women easy ways to share this information on their own social networks and add their own stories to the discussion. As Richards said yesterday, "Women's health doesn't come with a party label...it trancends it all."

Women have the power to truly make our voices heard in this election. But we need to be informed and I'm so glad to see a site like Women Are Watching available to all. I, for one, have already taken the pledge

and hope you'll consider it too. Women's reproductive health and access to family planning are way too important to the future of our country to stand idly by and let others make the decisions. The basic tenets of the pledge kind of say it all: Watch. Think. Act. Vote. If we do that, I have faith that good things will result.

For more information on Women Are Watching and the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, check out the site here