Why I Want a Gun On Campus

The group fighting for the right to carry a gun to class.

There was a time when being loaded on the quad meant you'd drunk too much "mystery punch." But for Students for Concealed Carry on Campus (SCCC), a 24,000-strong group - whose membership spiked after the Virginia Tech massacre and Northern Illinois State shooting - it's about the right to carry a gun to class. We asked member Laura Elizabeth Morales of the University of Texas in San Antonio to explain:

"Right now, you can bring a gun to the mall but not to school. Having a gun isn't unsafe; not having one is unsafe. Concealed carry is for law-abiding citizens. To get a permit in Texas, you have to submit your mental-health history and go through 10 hours of safety training. As a girl walking from class at night, I don't feel safe with just a knife or pepper spray. I'm not sure what I'd do if something bad happened, but I don't want to be defenseless. Once we get the law passed, I'm going to get my permit and a small Glock that will fit in my purse."