Chelsea Handler Will Debate Tomi Lahren Live Next Month

This should be interesting.

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  • Chelsea Handler and Tomi Lahren will debate each other next month at Politicon.
  • While the topic hasn't been announced, the two women are very vocal about their differing opinions, particularly when it comes to Donald Trump.
  • The event will take place from July 29-30 in Pasadena, California.

    Comedian Chelsea Handler will debate controversial conservative commentator Tomi Lahren next month, in what's bound to be a "lively conversation" to say the least.

    The Daily Beast reports that Handler and Lahren will face off during Politicon, the California-based political convention currently in its third year. There are a whole lot of issues on which these two women do not see eye to eye, but one of the most pressing is the 45th president—Handler has been a vocal critic of Trump, once predicting that his presidency would be "the end of our civilization," and led the Women's March at Sundance in protest of his inauguration earlier this year. Lahren, meanwhile, received a personal phone call from Trump to thank her for her support.

    With that being said, the pair do share areas of common ground—both are staunchly pro-choice, and Lahren's stance on abortion reportedly got her fired from Glenn Beck's platform The Blaze.

    Lahren confirmed the news this morning with a tweet, while Handler is yet to comment.

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    Politicon takes place in Pasadena, California from July 29-30, with a lineup that also features a discussion between Handler and CNN's Jake Tapper.

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