An Exclusive Interview with Stormy Daniels When She Ran for Senate in 2010

Her political run before the Trump scandal.

Stormy Daniels
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Stormy Daniels, a 30-year-old adult film star with more than 150 steamy flicks to her name, is getting set to heat up Louisiana's 2010 Senate race. Daniels, the star of Operation Desert Stormy—in which she plays a CIA agent who fights terrorists while wearing Army-fatigue booty shorts—says she plans to toss her G-string in the ring (although she hadn't officially announced her candidacy as of press time). We asked the Baton Rouge native why she wants to forgo porn for politics.

"I was drafted by a group called Draft Stormy, a grassroots movement in Louisiana that wanted someone who was the polar opposite of current senator David Vitter. They figured I would be perfect because I am open and honest about my sexuality, unlike Vitter. I realized that this is my chance to make a difference, to do something unselfish, noble, and to help a lot of people."

"I'm not one to judge someone's sexual activity, but what annoys me is that he's so hard-core 'family values,' and he puts his wife and kids out there, saying he's a Christian family man. Then he's caught up in a prostitution scandal. He's a hypocrite."

[pullquote align='left']I would be perfect because I am open and honest about my sexuality.[/pullquote]

"It's actually starting to work in my favor—I have nothing to hide. A sex tape of me isn't going to pop up and shame me—there are 150 of them at the video store."

"Absolutely not. But in one movie, I did play a Secret Service agent marooned on an island controlled by North Korea. I butt heads with dictator Kim Jong-il and come out on top."

Stormy Daniels

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'Daniels attends a news conference about the success of the Restricted to Adults website held at the National Press Club.' expand='' crop='original'][/image]

"The biggest issue in Louisiana is the economy. In New Orleans, tourism is down, and the crime rate is up. I want to make Louisiana a better place to live—create jobs, rebuild the Gulf Coast, and make health care affordable."

"As far as the two-party political system goes, I swing both ways. But I'm leaning toward the Libertarian Party."

"Hillary Clinton. She's a well-rounded woman, extremely knowledgeable on a wide range of subjects, and carries herself with dignity."

"I hope so. I hope someone is that afraid or interested in what I'm doing that they would try to scare me out of the race."

"Probably, but only because of HD...and gravity."

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