Afghan's Innocent Prisoners: Our Story Finally Makes Waves

Nearly a year after we exposed the fact that innocent women are imprisoned in Afghanistan, mainstream media are covering the story.

afghan women's prison
(Image credit: Paula Bronstein /Getty Images)

Back in February, we published a heart-wrenching story within the pages of Marie Claire called "Why Are These Women in Jail?" (opens in new tab). It was about women in Afghanistan who are rotting away in prison, along with their children, for "moral crimes" — leaving an abusive husband, refusing to marry a rapist, having an affair … or even simply being accused of having an affair.

The story, by Karen Day, caused quite a stir with our readers. But only now is it getting the international coverage it deserves.

Just today, the London Times and BBC (opens in new tab) have reported on the story, as well as the European Union's sudden block of the release of a documentary on the jailed Afghan women for fear of "the safety of the women portrayed."

Further proof that this is a fight that still needs to be won.

We hope you'll read our story (opens in new tab) and do what you can to help.