Chiara de Blasio Opens Up About Substance Abuse, Depression


Chiara de Blasio, 19, daughter of New York Mayor-elect Bill De Blasio, opened up about her struggles with depression and drug use in a video made by the De Blasio campaign in order to spread awareness.

"I have clinical depression, so that's been something that I've always dealt with, or not known how to deal with. It made it easier, the more I drank and did drugs, to share some common ground with people that I wouldn't have. It didn't start out as a huge thing for me, but then it became a huge thing for me."

Her addictions worsened in college, although she had hoped for a fresh start: "I didn't do the mental or emotional work to prepare myself [for going to college.] I thought that my problems would go away if I got on a plane and flew 300 miles away."

Since then, de Blasio has attended outpatient group therapy and gotten sober, which, she says, is "always a positive thing."

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