Plant-Based Feminine Care Products for the Win

Meet the brand that disrupted the feminine care space.

Marie Claire EIC and The Honey Pot's VP of Marketing Fireside Chat
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Back in 2020, when there was a big spotlight on Black-owned brands, I discovered The Honey Pot. I was instantly enamored by the brand's mission to disrupt the feminine care market, educate people about the chemicals in our products, and redirect our consumer focus to natural, plant-based hygiene products. "The reality of it is when you look at the feminine care category, all of us have been indoctrinated into brands without our own cognizance of that," says Giovanna Alfieri, the vice president of marketing at The Honey Pot. Before discovering The Honey Pot, I'd been using the same brand of menstrual products that my mom used, and I'd never considered the chemicals or harmful ingredients.

Alfieri sat down with our editor-in-chief at Power Play 2024 to chat about The Honey Pot and the role that ambition plays in customer experience and product development. The company just launched an herbal-infused, hydrating body cleanser (it's currently in my cart), which is a huge win in a highly saturated market. "We're taking those core tenets from feminine care and understanding what matters for our consumers, such as better-for-you ingredients and a brand that is connected to them and launching into this category," she says. What Alfieri referred to as "an itty-bitty brand four years ago" has catapulted into a must-have brand that you can't ignore in the bodycare aisle. There's something really special about finding brands that are committed to creating wellness-first products and educating people about how to better care for themselves. I perused The Honey Pot site and managed to get distracted by the cute branding and funny wordplay, but I also found 15 products that I think will be game changers for you below.

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Aniyah Morinia
Fashion and Beauty Editor, Branded Content