Meet Rothy's New The Point II Flats

A stunning reboot of the tried-and-true favorites.

woman wearing Rothy's The Point II flats in black
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Now that sandals season is drawing to a close, I'm revisiting my (admittedly extensive) shoe collection, searching for the perfect shoe to take me through the sometimes sweltering, sometimes chilly weeks of early fall. In addition to versatile shoe, I'm in need of a comfortable one—one that'll allow me to walk to work in style without feeling throbbing pain in my sole at the end of the day. Lucky for me, Rothy's just released the antidote to my footwear woes. 

If you're as much of a fan of the brand as I am, you're probably familiar with their Point shoes. The stylish flats are soft to the touch, easy to slip on and off, and are made with longwear in mind so that wearers can comfortably don them from dawn until dusk without worrying about blisters, aches, or dreaded heel spurs. Plus, unlike traditional ballet flats, these shoes feature a long, pointed toe, adding a layer of elegance and mimicking the look of high heels.

Now, based on customer feedback, the brand has released The Point II, which features a new footbed style that provides more support for the entire foot and increases stability for the wearer. For those who need a little extra support, the shoe also features a removable InLove insole, which provides additional, contoured cushioning. Plus, the knitting on this new style—made entirely from recycled plastic bottles—expands and contracts as your foot changes shape throughout the day.

Personally, I was shocked by the difference between the two styles. The original Point shoes were already among the most comfortable pairs in my closet, yet The Point II pair somehow felt even better, as though they were made specifically to suit my feet. 

In terms of appearance, The Point II features a revamped point that eliminates all toe cleavage, and it has a slightly higher heel to make for a more slender, elongating silhouette. I found a noticeable difference when I compared the two myself—particularly in the toe cleavage department. The pointed tips on the Point II also don't get bent or deflated as easily as those on the original Point.

Rothy's took two years, 35 prototypes, and over 150 testers to create this new model, and it certainly shows. Now available online, the Point II comes in six different colorways, ranging from solid classics to vibrant patterns.

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