Have You Ever Tried Role Playing In Bed?

My friends and I are excited for the release of Whos Naylin Paylin, an X-rated film parody featuring Sarah Palin porn star look-alike.

My friends and I are excited for the release of "Who's Nailin' Paylin," an X-rated film parody featuring a main character based on Sarah Palin.

In this interview, Lisa Ann - who plays Palin in the movie-divulges all about production and her take on the social implications of the movie.

Not since my beloved Edward Penishands has a porn so campy caught my eye. Because I'm an intellectual (yeah, right), I like these kinds of porns that spoof things. It adds another layer to the whole thing other than sex, sex, sex.

You guys know I've admitted Sarah Palin is hot, but this porn has shed some new light on why I think she's so sexy.

Porn aims to take our fantasies and play them out on the screen. A lot of this is done through stock characters: those types of characters that are built around traditional cultural types.

Sarah Palin is sexy because she's a combination of porn stock characters. Here are a handful of porn stock characters:

Boss's Secretary or Power Exec

This is the girl with the sexy business suit and the hair up in a bun and sometimes glasses. She looks great in pumps.


Van Halen's "Hot For Teacher" (the best video ever made according to all males) parodied this character in a song. Often authority figures catch our eye as an interesting conquest.

The Girl Next Door (Sometimes known as The Farmer's Daughter)

The teacher exposes our need to be controlled sexually, while the girl next door demonstrates our desire to be in control. This is the innocent sexy girl who is bored, and is curious about sexual pleasures-eager to be taught. Of course she's off limits-the father says: "sure you can stay in the barn, just don't touch my daughter." If that's not asking for it, I don't know what is.


Who doesn't like being taken care of? Nurses also do the old hair-in-bun-let-down in porns.

Finger, Sleeve, Dress, Red, Standing, Human leg, White, One-piece garment, Day dress, Costume accessory,

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There are also male stock porn characters. Here are some examples:


He'll place you under arrest, and you'll have fun the entire time.

Pool Boy

This is like our girl next store. Often, he is not native to this country, which makes him innocent in a way. But he is naturally adept at love making right off the bat.


One of the few moments sweat can be sexy, and of course they have a body I could never emulate.


Ever play "doctor"? No way these guys can't be good with their hands, right?

Sarah Palin is hot because she's a combination of two porn stock characters: the power exec and teacher.

My theory about the stock characters is that, sexually, we often seek to be controlled, or be in control. Most of these characters feed into that fantasy. Teachers, policemen, power execs are often figures who are in control, while the pool boy and girl next door are characters that may relinquish control to their lover.

I even know some women who have had rape fantasies-which incorporates dangerous forms of control. I suppose a couple could do situational role-playing as well in addition to character role-playing.

I think I would just crack up in the middle of any role-playing; going out and getting a policeman's uniform is so much effort just to inject a little bit of role-playing into my sex life. And when a girl asks me to "control" her more in bed, I feel a little freaked out. I don't want to hurt anyone.

Maybe I'm taking it too seriously, and it's supposed to be a loose, fun thing. Have any of you ever included role-playing in your sex life? If so, what sorts of characters have you played? Is the desire to try it more common than I think? Is this yet another thing I have to wait for the right girl and comfort level for?