What Do You Have to Lose if You Don't Flirt? Everything!

Not to sound like a maniac or anything, but every time we miss a chance to meet someone, we miss an opportunity to change our lives!


As some of you know, my mantra lately has become: Why not flirt? Why not put myself out there more? After all--what do I have lose?

And yet, perhaps there's something wrong with that line of thinking, as one of you lovely readers pointed out.

YesterdayAdi posted a comment, saying: "Maura: Your mantra--'What do I have to lose?'-- is somewhat misleading. Because in reality, by NOT putting yourself out there, you have EVERYTHING to lose. For instance, if you hadn't put yourself out there over the weekend, you would have missed the opportunity to get to know awesome blogger guy.* ... You lose A LOT if you live your life without risk. So take life by the neck and shake it a few times. And when you leave the next party, they'll be screaming your name."

I read that and I thought:

Amen to that, sister! Hallelujah!

Folks, change the name above from MAURA to YOUR NAME.** Then repeat what Adi said a few times to yourself. And if it doesn't make you want to say HURRAH, well, I don't know what will!

The world is full of human potential. Brimming over with it! So, while we have world enough, and time, let's get ourselves out there! Let's carpe ourselves some diem, shall we?

All of us could benefit from doing that--not just the swinging singles amongst us. Because even if you are married, going steady, or otherwise involved, there may be a new best friend out there--or a new mentor--or a new protegee--just waiting to be discovered by YOU.

If you need an excuse to approach the apple of your eye, you might want to explain the new mantra you've adopted to him or her. But if worst comes to worst, please feel free to say, "There's this crazy blogger chick I kind of like ... and she said ..."

* * *

Lovelies--in the spirit of this discussion, let me tell you what happened to me last week. A cautionary tale, let's call it.

On my way to hit the gym and stock up at Trader Joe's, I parked my car in a spot that I wasn't sure was a good one. A few houses down from where I parked, a young guy and an older woman--his mother, I assumed--were sitting on a stoop. As I was passing by, I stopped to ask them if they thought it was all right to leave my car where it was. The dude--who, up close, was handsome, with curly hair and a plaid shirt--grinned at me like I'd just informed him that there was a piece of gold in it for him if answered nicely. Then he gave me a quick look up and down.

"Are you just going to work out?" he said.

"Exactly," I responded. "And to grab some groceries."

"You'll be fine, then. Just don't leave it there overnight--they're doing construction, and they'll tow you in the morning."

We exchanged one more meaningful smile before I thanked him and walked on. I went around the corner, crossed the street ... and stood there for a good 3 minutes, trying to talk myself into going back and getting his number. In the end, I chickened out.

Dear readers: Do not let something like this happen to you! Please learn from my mistakes! Be ready to seize on any prime opportunity, such as this one.

Are you with me?



*Who is opposed to me calling him Arlo Pumpernickel, which is what I would like to call him. We're working on it.

**Or even your porn-star name, if you prefer.


dear everyone who wrote in yesterday: thank you for your enthusiasm. it really means a lot to me. love love love--mk.