5 Groovy+Slutty--I Mean Flirty!--Halloween Costumes

I love a good excuse to vamp it up! What better one than All Hallows' Eve? (What are you guys gonna wear?)


Halloween is a-coming! And though I usually just dress up as ... Maura Kelly (a very, very hot look, lemme tell you) ... this year, I have an itch to celebrate the holiday in proper flirtatious fashion. To wit: I want to find an outfit that gives me a good excuse to look like a total slut! Yes!

But what to be, what to be?

I don't want to be a boring old French Maid, a standard-issue Trampy Nurse, or a cliche Kitty-Kat. So I decided to hop online and do a little research to find slutty costumes that were somewhat out-of-the-ordinary ...

Eventually, I found a few things that appealed to me.

In the innocent-and-yet-kinda-slutty categories, I liked:

-The Honey Bee

-The Peacock (of course, all peacocks are male--while the drabber pea-hens are the females--so this costume is kind of zoologically incorrect. but who's counting?)

I also found a couple of things that were so ABSURDLY over-the-toply sexy that I simply do not have the balls (not to mention the boobies) to pull them off:

-The Cow (a look you can achieve by simply going naked--???--and painting black heifer-spots on your body!)

-The Lady Eve (attach some leaves--perhaps from fake flowers--to a bikini. then go!)

Eventually, though, I found my top favorite, in the Totally-Halloween-Hot category:

-The Slutty Police Officer[image id='d3456d8b-d6e2-4225-a777-fba68b5b4b79' mediaId='2940ded6-2b5c-4b55-80e6-5c4ff451a596' loc='C'][/image]

What do you think? Should I order one of those up ASAP?

Some more slutty-Halloween costume pointers for you all:

-This site has slutty-chick outfits ... as well complementary outfits for a small pet! (Sold separately.)

-This page has some ridiculously awesome-looking environmentally-friendly costumes that you can make out of household crap, including one totally chic Bat-girl outfit. I'm probably not artsy+craftsy enough to something like that together--but it's so awesome that I hope you can sew it up.

Lovelies: do you feel inspired?




Topaz: I love your take on the BF! I think you've nailed it. ...

Paris: Hit me with the question, woman! (And thanks for helping me think through things, re: BF.)