The 5 Best (and Worst) Cities for Single Women

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Another day, another silly study: This one, from the journal Evolutionary Psychology, found that in areas where women are scarce, they are (wait for it) ... more likely to get married sooner!

"Women are basically getting snapped up [in those places] because the guys want to get her before somebody else does," said study author Daniel Kruger, an evolutionary psychologist at the University of Michigan.

We needed a study to tell us that in places where there aren't too many women, the few that are available get married sooner?

Uh, no. But the truly helpful (or at least interesting) thing that the researchers did was to find out what parts of the country have such a meager female population that the market value of all ladies rises.

The 5 Best Cities for Single Women (Or at Least Where Men Are Most Plentiful):

  • Las Vegas: 11.6 sexually available men for every 10 sexually available ladies
  • San Diego: 11.5 men for every 10 ladies
  • Salt Lake City: 11.3 men for every 10 ladies
  • Austin, Texas: 11.2 men for every 10 ladies
  • Phoenix: 11.1 men for every 10 ladies

    The 5 Worst Cities for Single Women (Or Areas Where Men Are Most Scarce):

    • Birmingham, Alabama: 8.8 men for every 10 ladies
    • Memphis, Tennessee: 8.8 for every 10 ladies
    • New Orleans: 8.9 for every 10 ladies
    • Richmond, Virginia.: 8.9 for every 10 ladies

      And in some serious three-way action at Spot No. 5?

      • New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.! Each of these cities has 9.2 sexually available men for every 10 sexually available women!

        If that doesn't sound so bad to you, do the math, and you'll come up with some geographically shocking statistics. (For instance, all told, there are about 200,000+ more single women than men in New York City! Where, in case you'd forgotten, I live!)

        I dunno about you guys, but Austin, Texas — a city I happen to love anyway — suddenly got a lot more appealing. Same goes for beautiful San Diego, which is the eighth-largest city in the United States (who knew?) and is also consistently rated the best big city for bikers. That alone is almost enough to get me to move. (Sorry, though, Phoenix: I could be the last woman on earth, and you could be chock-full of men, and I still don't think you'd convince me. No hard feelings?)

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