Which of the Sex and the City Girls Is the Most Datable?

With the second Sex and the City movie in theaters, Marie Claire's male dating blogger, Rich Santos, tries to figure out which of the four is best suited for girlfriend status.

OK, I've almost gotten the Sex and the City girls out of my system. As an exercise, I sat down and really thought about it: Which girl from Sex and the City would I most like to date? I've ranked them with explanations:

Least Compatible: Miranda

This is shallow, but I find Miranda to be the least physically attractive of the girls. I think she is a beautiful woman but I always picture her with short hair, which doesn't appeal to me. I don't like seriousness and expectations. I need a wide space to roam — and make mistakes. No-nonsense doesn't work for me. My mom would argue with me, though: she is desperate for someone to come into my life and get me to start using my checkbook register. This lucky girl would have to help me find my check register first, though.

Second Least Compatible: Samantha

You know I haven't even enjoyed sex yet. I am definitely intimidated by her insatiable appetite and need to be satisfied. I get very nervous in situations where I'm being put on the spot and depended on for success in the bed. However, Samantha does edge out Miranda here because I find her sense of humor charming. Samantha is dismissive of crises and doesn't get hung up on the little things. I've given it some thought, and — ironically — it seems like Samantha would benefit most from settling down. Imagine how great the sex would be with one guy who she could experiment and learn with for the rest of her life!

Second Most Compatible: Carrie

OK, so I hate her wardrobe and I think she's pretentious. But, throughout the show, she is the one girl whose inner thoughts I get to hear. And these thoughts are so beautifully written...well, most of the time. When she's thinking alone, she's very attractive to me. These are moments of honesty, and my hatred for her awful threads melts away and turns into comfort. I get a little mental connection to her vulnerability when she reveals it. I'm also told by one of my friends that every girl I'm physically attracted to has an "interesting" nose. And, yes: I had crushes on Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing and SJP in Girls Just Want to Have Fun. So I like noses.

Most Compatible: Charlotte

Charlotte is really cute. I think she has the prettiest eyes and hair of the bunch. She always seems to be happy and, the few times she is down, I want to be the one who is able to cheer her up. It looks to me like she'd be able to cheer me up when I needed it too. I must admit, I'm attracted to her innocent, naive ways. When I date someone, I want to discover things together with her — kind of mutual teaching and discovery. Of all the girls, I feel like I could teach Charlotte the most. Unfortunately, I think the two least compatibles could teach me the most. I think, overall, I would be happiest and most motivated to be a great boyfriend with Charlotte. Quite simply, Charlotte has the best smile of the bunch...and she uses it the most. I love that.

Looking over these rankings, it occurred to me that the perfect girl exists if I can pull everything I want from each:

Miranda's structure and intelligence/sophistication...Samantha's easygoing, quirky sense of humor...Carrie's ability to express herself and think creatively...and Charlotte's blend of cute innocence and upbeat persona...

Maybe this girl is impossible to find, and that's why I've been single for so long.