These 5 Winter Packing Hacks Will Change the Way You Stuff a Suitcase

Two things: First, if you don't have a winter vacay in the works yet, you need to get on that. And second, if you're en route and carrying your puffy jacket under your arm like a clutch or throwing it in the trunk of your car, you're doing it wrong. (No judgement though, because we didn't know about this magic either until now.) In partnership with the first-ever Ford EcoSport, the ultimate getaway vehicle, these mind-blowing expert packing hacks from New York-based wardrobe stylist Carmen Lilly, along with actress Tia Mowry (love her!), make us want to head to the slopes. You in?

Explore the First-Ever Ford EcoSport

Fabrizio Costantini

2018 EcoSport first ever U.S./Canada markets.

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