10 Must-Have Travel Gadgets

I'm getting ready to head off to vacation next week! I'm packing up all my gadgets and hitting the road for some rest and relaxation. Here's a list of what will make it into my Tumi.

Battery Operated Phone Charger

This Energizer Instant Cell Phone Charger is an essential gadget that everyone should store in their carry-on bag. The battery-powered device instantly brings your cell phone back from the land of uncharged cell phones. You can make a call just 30 seconds after plugging this bad boy in!

Sony Portable GPS

This thing takes GPS to a whole new level! If you have a Sony digital camera, hook it up to this device to keep track of where and when each image was taken. Then, upload the images to your computer, along with the device's information and watch the magic happen. Scroll over a Google-type map to see YOUR pictures from the exact spot you took them!

Underwater Digital Camera Mask

If you're headed to the water this summer, this gadget is a must-have. These goggles have a digital camera built in! The controls are right above your brow and allow you to snap a clear image or switch to video mode to capture all the action.

Polaroid Printer

I was very upset when Polaroid announced they were retiring their cameras and film! Wasn't everyone? But once I saw this amazing printer, I understood why. It's the size of a stack of cards and can print out pictures in seconds! It's a pretty great party trick that will definitely make you new friends on a solo trip.

Sony Rolly

This thing rocks! It's a small speaker system that holds up to four gigs of tunes and fits in your purse. Once you open the sides of this egg-shaped device, the two middle rings start to glow iridescent colors. While sound comes spewing out, "Rolly" starts to roll to the beat! Genius.

Franklin Digital Pocket Translator

With the ability to translate over 450,000 words in 12 languages and hundreds of popular phrases, this is one gadget you can't afford to leave the country without.

Magellan Maestro 4250

Driving somewhere far usually requires you have some sort of map. Well, maps are so old school. This GPS is really easy to use and as an added benefit, it allows you to make hands free calls with Bluetooth connectivity.

MyVu Personal Media Viewer

Nothing makes the flight fly by like watching flicks. This gadget projects the movie onto your shades so you don't have to worry about looking down at a screen or holding a device in your hand. One caveat: You may look kind of silly, so pray that you don't sit next to a potential summer fling!

Vado Pocket Video

A simple and totally necessary gadget to toss in your bag is the Vado Pocket Video Camera. I'm using the hot pink one these days and I think it's the perfect video camera to take along because it's ultra portable, has a two-hour rechargeable battery, holds up to 120 minutes of footage, and costs just $99.

Personal Weather Forecaster

If you're headed to a foreign land, this is a great gadget. It's a portable weather center that gives you a read-out of what kind of outfit you're going to need to wear that day! No need to attempt to read the local papers or call to the front desk, this tiny device will show you images and give you temp in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Cat Schwartz, eBay Gadget Director


Schwartz is one of the leading tech experts in the country, widely

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