5 Summer Trips You Don't Have to Plan

Because the kinds of vacations *we* like require using our brains as little as possible.

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You book the tickets. You get the hotel room. You pat yourself on the back for being on top of it. You get swamped with work. And then—surprise!—you realize your flight takes off tomorrow and you have NO idea what you're going to do when you get there. Sound familiar? To avoid that hassle, here are five trips to book that require as little planning as humanly possible.

Hey! Remember that time you booked one place and they gave you all the food and drink you wanted/needed and you didn't have to think about anything? Do that again and be done with it.

Our recommendation: Just go to CheapCaribbean.com. Click "all-inclusive." Book.

For those who actually do want to get out there and explore, book a tour that automatically takes you to all the big sites.

Our recommendations: Napa Valley has amazing tours that'll have you happy and drunk on wine in no time. Want to head out of the country? London has a gazillion sightseeing tours that won't lead you astray/left in a weird part of the city. (Start at VisitLondon.com.)

Sometimes, the easiest thing you can do is book a trip where all you need to do is head to the water. Done.

Our recommendations: Nevis in the West Indies has some of the most beautiful beaches, while Mexico has plenty of easy destinations to get to—and yes, it has more than just kids on spring break. (Try renting a private villa in Cancun, booking a marina stay in Cabo away from the crazy strip, or going the cool-crowd/adult route of Tulum.)

Honestly, nothing's easier planning-wise than just booking a cruise. Your travel and accommodations are completely set, and when it comes time to explore the stops, you can always ask cruise personnel for recommendations—that's kind of their job.

Our recommendation: Two words: Celebrity Cruises. The accommodations are better than many and the amenities can't be beat (hello, wine tastings and butler service). Plus, their land-exploring bundles allow you to take more time exploring your stops, if that's your jam.

I know what you're thinking: That's not a trip. But do this: Book an amazing suite at a huge discount, preferably one with a spa. Hang out with your family and friends, then retire to your plush bed for the night. Repeat. Knowing your own town *and* getting the awesome perks of a 5-star hotel? Unbeatable. And don't forget to ask the concierge what they recommend seeing—you might find out about a cool place you've never been in your own city. (Another option? Visit a friend. Seriously, nothing beats having a local as a tour guide.)

Our recommendation: Download the booking.com app to book a last-minute stay with the touch of a button. It really doesn't get easier than that.

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