The 8 Most Coveted Hair Colors for Winter

Shades so good you'll swear off hats.

In winter—when lo-mo is in full swing and we're living in bulky layers—we rely on exceptionally great hair color to elevate our looks. From the perfect shade of auburn to frosted gold highlights, here are the trending dye jobs that will do just that.

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1 Rich Auburn

A fiery shade of auburn will warm up the face, but is wearable for every day. Whether you've got an all-black uniform, or would want to color block it against rich jewel tones, it's a striking pop of color to work with wardrobe-wise. 

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2 Mocha Brown

While your first inclination may be to go darker and cooler, a warm mocha brown softens all complexions during the colder months. And come spring, it's a perfect transition shade/base color for highlights. 

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3 Barely-There Balayage

Let's be real. Gorgeous, low-maintenance color is #goals when the weather outside is perpetually frightful. Go the most grow-out friendly route with touches of balayage on the mids and ends. If you're a brunette, you can't go wrong with flecks of caramel, while blondes can go a teensy-bit blonder. 

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4 Frosted Gold Highlights

Leave it to Beyoncé to be both glow-y and frosty at the same damn time. Just in time for winter, her caramel blonde highlights have gotten icier. Now, her shiny ringlets are like champagne on ice.

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5 Dark Mahogany

If you have your heart set on going darker, try this slightly subversive shade of ultra-dark chocolate mauve. The plum undertones add a quiet vibrancy that suits winter's moodier vibes. 

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6 Bronde

Bronde is still going strong and the in-between shade has Gigi Hadid to thank. The supermodel took her California beach blonde down several notches to an autumnal bronde and its proving to be just as covetable for winter as it was for fall. 

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7 Chestnut Ombré

It's official: The ombré is here to stay. But the freshest way to rock the dip-dye look is with complementary versus contrasty hues. For dark brunettes, we're loving a seamless melt from the mids to ends with golden chestnut. 

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8 Ash Blonde

2016 was the year JLaw dyed her hair every possible shade of blonde. Our favorite hue not just for winter, but for 365-days-a-year wearability is her recent ash blonde with platinum face-framing highlights. 

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