Geek-Chic Gadget Gift Ideas

Nerd alert! We're so glad it's officially cool to be a little dweeby because we are geeking out over these cool tech-savvy finds. From touch screens to the push of a button, these products are sure to be on everyone's list, even if they haven't heard of most of them yet.


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    iPhone 4S

    Apple's tagline is, "It's the most amazing phone yet," and we really can't argue. It's not even its 8-megapixel camera or iCloud wireless storage system that we love. It's Siri. Oh, Siri. The little personal assistant who lives inside the phone and does whatever you ask of it, from rescheduling a meeting to sending a text to reminding you to buy all these Christmas presents. Siri even answers ridiculous questions with quite a bit of wit, which makes us love her, er, the phone all the more. $199 to $399 at Wireless Zone.
    Courtesy of Apple
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