Your Holiday Travel Playlist

99-CENT DJ Holiday Travel: Stuck at O'Hare for six hours thanks to inevitable holiday flight delays? MC's music guy Scott Frampton has the perfect playlist to keep your air-rage at bay.

"Suicide," THE RAVEONETTES. This not-so-jauntily titled little number is actually a bopping piece of fuzzy girl-group pop.

"Tall Boy," HAR MAR SUPERSTAR. This dance-floor come-on was originally written for Britney Spears. Now sung by a balding, potbellied bear of a guy, it somehow sounds more genius than goofy.

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"Baby," DEVENDRA BANHART. A romantic freak-folk ditty that combines lightly funky guitar and a throaty vibrato--this is perhaps the sexiest song to ever employ "choo-choo train" as a lyric.

"Perro Loco," FORRO IN THE DARK. Who let the perros out? You, while shimmying to this Brazilian-American party band's feverish rhythms, yakety sax, and sing-along chorus.

"Basic Space," THE XX. Listen closely and you could mistake the drum-machine hand claps on this breathy duet for the light crunch made by a couple strolling through autumn leaves.

"Go Easy Little Doves," BROOKE WAGGONER. Ethereal chamber music paired with wood-nymph vocals--you'll swear Waggoner's channeling Kate Bush.

"In for the Kill," LA ROUX. The only organic sound in this London duo's danceable, clattering synth-pop confection is singer Elly Jackson's gorgeously adolescent vocals.


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