Prepare to Feel Old: These Pop Songs All Turn 10 This Year

Oh, how time flies.

The year was 2007. You were the proud new owner of your very first iPhone. Hillary Clinton was a hopeful new presidential candidate. And these songs were blasting non-stop on the radio. Here, a reminder of what life was like 10 years ago, by way of its biggest hits.

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1 "Glamorous" by Fergie, featuring Ludacris

If you spell "glamorous" correctly, you owe it all to this song. The track was actually recorded for Fergie's debut solo album, which feels like it came out yesterday. (FYI, The Dutchess is releasing her comeback album sometime this year.)

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2 "Umbrella" by Rihanna, featuring Jay-Z

It might be a decade old, but Rihanna's "Umbrella" will never stop being iconic.

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3 "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" by Soulja Boy

Ahhhh, the Soulja Boy. You can do it in the car, in the shower, at weddings, at the club, while making dinner...the list goes on and on. And while many dance fads have followed, nothing can touch this one.

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4 "Gimme More" by Britney Spears

"Gimme More" was the lead single on Britney's fifth studio album Blackout, and literally no one was not obsessed.

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5 "Beautiful Girls" by Sean Kingston

Sean Kingston exploded onto the music scene when he released "Beautiful Girls" as his debut single. Though it should be noted: the lyrics "you had me suicidal" were censored to "you got me in denial" 99% of the time.

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6 "Buy U A Drink" by T-Pain

"Buy U A Drink" most definitely gave a new generation of creepy men pick-up line fodder (ugh), but this track is just as good 10 years later.

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7 "Lip Gloss" by Lil Mama

Ah 2007, when our lip gloss was poppin'. Fun fact: Lil Mama went on to play Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes in VH1's biographical film CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story. The more you know.

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8 "This Is Why I'm Hot" by MIMS

Hands up if you spent 2007 blasting this song while getting ready to go to the club. Or, you know, eating pizza in your room with friends. Either way. 

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9 "Girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne

We are welling to bet significant (imaginary) money that you remember ever single word to this pop anthem. 

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10 "Low" by Flo-Rida

Yes, Apple Bottom Jeans and boots with the fur used to be a thing. This song also sparked about a billion memes, which are still just as funny today as they were then. (See?)

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