NEED TO DOWNLOAD: Your Weekend Playlist


Hook up your outdoor speakers and invite the neighbors over! Critic Scott Frampton has your ultimate playlist for a long weekend.

FRIDAY, 10 A.M., BEACH BOUND: Marié Digby, "Avalanche." Warm and breezy, this tattered-heart pop is a roll-your-windows-down, sing-along treat.

FRIDAY, 2 P.M., BREAK FOR SOME SHADE: Paolo Nutini, "Candy." The young raspy Scot does sweeping Americana folk—perfect mood music as you set up the summer cottage.

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FRIDAY, 9 P.M., DRINKS ON THE BOARDWALK: Dirty Projectors, "Stillness Is the Move." A cappella pop meets avant-garde rock—twisted as saltwater taffy.

SATURDAY, 12 P.M., GRAB THE COOLER ON YOUR WAY OUT THE DOOR: The Phenomenal Handclap Band, "15 to 20." Slept in? This languid funk with a playground-taunt chorus will shift you into high gear.

SATURDAY, 7 P.M., HIT THE PARTY LIKE YOU OWN IT: Omar Faruk Tekbilek, "Shashkin (Unity of Diversity Remix)." This funky Turkish delight promises to get hips shaking around the fire pit.

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SATURDAY, 10 P.M., LIGHT UP THE FIREWORKS: We Were Promised Jetpacks, "Quiet Little Voices." Madly passionate post-punk to punctuate your four-minute bottle-rocket blowout.

SUNDAY, 1 A.M., DANCE UNTIL YOUR DRESS IS SOAKED: Gossip, "Heavy Cross." Throbbing electro beats, slashing guitars, and Beth Ditto's hacksaw soprano—be careful not to pogo off the porch.

SUNDAY, 1 P.M., BEHOLD THE BBQ: Emily Wells, "Juicy." A violin protégé covers Notorious B.I.G.— and just like that cheddarwurst, the odd combination works.

SUNDAY, 9 P.M., RELAX, THERE ARE TWO MORE MONTHS OF THIS: Pete Yorn, "Last Summer." Made-to-order alt-pop for the hammock-swinging season.


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