A Guide to Tastefully Decorating Your Apartment on a Budget

Isn't it time for an upgrade?

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There comes a time in life when a chic apartment becomes crucial. And you, (yes, YOU!) deserve a Big Girl apartment even if you don't have the funds to match. Ready for a design upgrade on a budget? Look to these decor tips that will make all your friends comment on how adult your digs are (and keep you out of the interior design danger zone).

Stack your books

Get some use out of your ever-growing pile of books you keep meaning to read. Stack hardcover books from biggest to smallest on your coffee table or on shelves to add dimension to flat surfaces. Stack them in different directions to break visual lines. Add small trinkets around or on top of your stack to finish it off.

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Not sure what books to use? Take the plastic covers off of your books to get a cleaner look or buy some from goodwill and re-wrap as you please.

Peace out, weekend. ✌🏻️

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Go green with a house plant

The list of house plant benefits goes on for days. In addition to better air quality in your home (sold), some greenery can divert attention away from the more unsightly fixtures or quickly freshen up a bare corner. (Pro tip: Opt for low maintenance air-plants if your thumb isn't so green.)

Replace the legs on your couch

A cheap couch definitely has its appeal (um, hello sad bank account), but they always look — well, cheap. Swap out the legs that came with for chicer, inexpensive ones. All the greatness of of low-budget furniture without the low-budget aesthetic.

it's amazing what new legs can do to ikea furniture! #midcenturymodern

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Organize with a tray

Use a smart tray to display your perfume bottles or other containers in groupings. Easy.

A tray makes any grouping a collection. #bar #bourbon

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Use wall decals

Hear us out on this one—this isn't some butterfly art you're slapping on the walls. Wall decals have come a long way and allow you to add designs and intricacy that paint doesn't. (Not to mention—that whole "No, I Won't Paint the Walls" clause on your lease.)

Play with accent pillows

Ditch the pillows that come with the furniture and get creative with ones that match your mood and style. Think differences in color, pattern, and texture to amp up interest.

Frame it all

Give your wall character with framed prints, photos, and vintage signs. Coordinate the colors of the prints and frames to create a stylish display.

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