15 Reasons "AF" Should Just Become an Official Unit of Measurement Already

Persuasive AF.

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Based on my calculations, "AF" ("as f*ck") still has a few good days yet before it enters the lexicon of the Olds Pretending to be Youngs. Even then, I will still use it, for it is facile, and it is elegant...AF. What other combination of letters can say so much with so little?

To demonstrate the simultaneous vastness and neatness of AF, we've catalogued some of its many great and varied usages here. Ain't modern English grand? (If you don't agree, GTFO.)

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It works for nationalities 

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And cuteness

And states of being

You @JewHead

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It describes man's inhumanity to man

And holidays

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It *is* the human condition

It's self-aware

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It's timely

It's impressive

It's open to new experiences

It's iconic

And flawless

And pregnant

It is patient

It is us, rejected

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