Move Over Ombre, Meet Combre

Ombre hair can be difficult to pull off. Instead, try its new, subtler counterpart, combre.

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First there was ombre. Now, there's combre.

That's copper ombre to you. Instead of brown fading to blonde, combre maintains a bright or deep brown-copper base fading to a lighter shade from roots to ends, or vice versa.

"For women who desire a more natural color, or those who aren't exactly sure if they want to go lighter or darker, copper ombre is ideal for a subtle change," says colorist Dana Ionato of New York's Sally Hershberger Downtown.

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Combre is great for both blondes and brunettes (that's me!), according to Ionato. Bonus: Unlike ombre, it complements most skin tones since natural brunettes usually fair better with a deeper base-shade.

I never got on the original ombre bandwagon (too harsh, too obvious) but this bronzy, summer-friendly iteration has me rethinking my position.

Is combre the new ombre? Discuss.

Elizabeth Dehn is the editor-in-chief of Beauty Bets, an award-winning blog chock-full of product reviews, wellness tips, and DIY ideas.