Imagine an Etsy-meets-Monopoly world where you can buy and sell clothing for virtual dollars. Now it is possible with Bib + Tuck, the hyper-chic bartering portal created by two entrepreneurial women, Sari Azout and Sari Bibliowicz.

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Bib + Tuck was started when childhood friends, Sari A., and Sari B., re-met while living in the same building in New York City. After realizing that each person could find something from another's closet instead of consuming more, the two Saris and five of their friends started trading clothes "We had pieces sitting in our closets that we weren't wearing, whether it was because an ex-boyfriend gave it to us or we gained some weight after college, so we created this infinite revolving closet." says Sari B. From that, the "Saris" created Bib + Tuck, where women from all over the country could be a part of a clothes-trading community of creative individuals including bloggers, stylists, and editors.

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On Bib + Tuck, members can "bib" (sell) or "tuck" (buy) items for virtual "bucks" or "b + t currency." Once you "bib" an item, you will receive "bucks," which you can also purchase. After that, you may "tuck" another member's clothes or accessories. Member's closets often include high-fashion items like Proenza Schouler heels and Phillip Lim sweaters.

The Bib + Tuck community spans from New York City, to Los Angeles, to Miami and even Mississippi. "If you live in a small town, you can see items from a stylist who shops in this little vintage store in New York. Now, someone in a small town has access to these treasures and can feel connected to these awesome bloggers and stylists." The Bib + Tuck mantra is to "pass on your style" — so no matter where you are, you have access to a world of unique wardrobes, for virtually nothing.

Bib + Tuck is members only, but you can join with this exclusive code for MC readers. Go to: and enter "MarieClaire", then start bib and tuckin' today!

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