7 Ways to Beat Your Hangover

A little too much to drink while celebrating the weekend (or trying to forget the workweek)? We have the best quick-fix guide to beat a dreaded hangover.

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1. Down H20

Everyone tells you this one: Hydration is the key to beating a hangover. Replenishing fluids after a long night of downing bottles of champagne (sparkling wine if you're classy) is the first step to nursing yourself back to being a functional human again. Down two large glasses of water right when you wake up to flush your system out.

2. Drink So Much Soda

Sorry all of you staunch soda opposers but you may have make an exception if you're hugging the toilet the morning after. According to a study at Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou in China, Sprite helps to break down the harmful compounds in alcohol that cause you to have hangovers. So, crack open a can and watch your hangover fizz away (pun intended).

3. Get Some Sleep

Ever heard of a two-day hangover? Welcome to your new hell. This is what happens when you don't get enough sleep. So, crawl into your bed, call out of work, and zzz it off.

4. Slurp Fermented Milk

Yeah, you heard us. Open wide and down a bottle of yeast. If you want to be civilized about it, the product is called "kefir" and it is absolutely delicious. Hailing from the Caucasus, kefir has been a common hangover cure in Russia for centuries. Packed with healthy bacteria and vitamins, it helps to provide digestive relief for the horrible feeling of a churning stomach. Interested? Try Lifeway Kefir they even have kefir coconut popsicles!

5. Nosh on a Bacon Sandwich

Sorry in advance if you keep kosher (#lchaim) because this hangover cure is ultimate and delicious. The bread is packed with carbs and the bacon has protein, which break down into amino acids and clear your head. We'll roll with it.

6. Chomp on a Banana

The banana is perfect to help rejuvenate you after your literal "bar crawl" (crawling into your cab, through your doorway, and into bed). Alcohol equals lots of peeing, which means lots of lost nutrients and since this fruit is full of essentials like potassium and electrolytes, you'll feel better in no time. So peel and enjoy.

7. Asparagus for Breakfast

It makes your pee smell weird but it tastes good and protects your liver from toxins. Yum.

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