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The newest app to ensure you arrive to your destination safely, Kitestring checks in with you via SMS and if you don't reply back, sends your emergency contacts a customizable alert message. Just don't forget to tell the app when you've arrived home safely or prepare for some very worried friends. to Sign Up

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The Suntan Watcher
Who hasn't accidentally fallen asleep, headphones in, while catching rays? For those of us who plan to tan, avoid a burn with this handy app. It reminds you when to turn over or reapply sunblock. $0.99; iTunes

Watch Over Me
This app can not only ensure you make it home safely, but if you shake your phone it triggers an alarm, takes a video of what's going on, and immediately sends your loved ones your location. Free;

This smartphone case can help you in a jiffy with its Leatherman-like accessories that pop out. But, this handy case also has a knife which could help save your life in a threatening situation. $69.95;

Glow in the Dark Case
Sure, you'll never lose your phone, but if you happen to be crossing a street after the sun goes down this will help you be visible to others. This skin glows for hours and can be recharged in minutes. $24.95

The SOS App
Brought to you by the American Red Cross, this is a quick reference guide for immediate safety concerns like burns, jellyfish stings, and bug bites. It can also provide acute emergency care advice like how to perform CPR. Download on Google Play

Sammy Screamer by BleepBleeps
This little motion-sensitive attachment can keep your stuff safe with an alert to your smartphone when someone tries to move your stuff. It can be placed on things like front doors, windows, bags, anything really. It's a great way to keep track of everything you hold near and dear. Pre-Order It Here

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