5 Great Gift Ideas For Guys

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I watched about two weeks of gift-giving over the last half of December and I've talked to a lot of friends about the quandary they go through when selecting gifts for the opposite sex. So, let me give you five types of gifts that you can't go wrong with...

Keep in mind that most guys are very practical, and they don't like to deviate from what they need, or want so much that it feels like a need. So, try to avoid "I thought you'd like..." and go more with "I knew you'd like..."

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Remember, we see things in black and white: we either want something, or we don't.

Keep tabs on what your guy wishes he had. A lot of people think it's unimaginative to just buy what someone has already admitted they wanted, but would you rather go out on a limb and fall off, or give him the best thing he could get?

Here is a list of no-fail gifts for guys:

Clothes for work or play

I consider myself fashionable
but, like most guys, I really feel like I only wear about 30% of what I own. I always want new work clothes, going out clothes, or workout stuff. It would be wise to bring in the close friends of your loved one. They can help you figure out exactly what to get. Or keep an open dialogue with him of what he likes.

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On a random note, stacks of undershirts are very helpful for us. Depending on how much we sweat, we have to buy new undershirts often. A new stack saves us an annoying trip to the store to get them.

Most of us like dress clothes too. I just don't spend my money on dress stuff; I love to buy casual things. This leaves me with a dearth of nice shirts, ties, and slacks. We can always use more-just check the closet and make sure, or ask us. I have 6 white dress shirts, but only one or two fit me perfectly, so when I get more I will get those exact ones: same company, same size, nothing else.


This stereotype is true: we love technology. Make sure it's high quality and cutting-edge. We love showing what new gadgets we have to our friends, we love figuring out everything they can do, and synching these gadgets up with our every day lives.

Project-based gadgets are fun too. My sister told me her and her husband needed a new satellite radio for their car. My brother-in-law was immediately into the instruction manual and then outside installing the radio before Christmas morning was even over.

Accessories for Our Passions

Does he love his car? Do some research and see what you can find that might be a fun accessory for his car. We love our favorite bands and teams. Maybe a cool music poster (it's always good to get something to hang up in our places because we never know what to hang), or tickets - oh, how we love tickets to shows or games!

My passion is the Baltimore Ravens. Another passion of mine is the University of Delaware. This year, Delaware product Joe Flacco was a rookie sensation quarterback for the Ravens. My mom not only got me a Flacco jersey, but it was a University of Delaware Flacco jersey. My favorite gift, easily.

Audio Visual

Every guy has a dream of the perfect sound system, the crystal clear high-def flat-screen, and the ultimate entertainment room/center. Even if it's just a gift certificate to get us started, we'll appreciate it.

Computer Stuff

I don't know about other guys, but I love storage space. I am always running out of space on my hard drive because of all the porn, I mean music I download. Our download habits, notwithstanding you will look very insightful giving us an external hard drive. Or just listen to him complain about his computer (we all do), and you'll figure out what he needs.

So how did you do this year? What gifts did your significant other love the most, and which did he/she force the "oh, um...great" reaction for?

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