Increase Your Online Dating Action Now!

CHOOSE YOUR SCREEN NAME CAREFULLY "Think about how it will be perceived by men," says psychologist Lillian Glass, who works with "Something like 'little princess' might sound cute to you but will likely be a turnoff to a lot of men."POST A NATURAL LOOKING PHOTO"Research finds that a super-posed, 'perfect' picture is less appealing than a snapshot of you laughing or kicking back in a casual setting," says Glass. "Natural shots indicate you don't take yourself too seriously."BRAG INDIRECTLY Crediting friends is a great way to broadcast your best qualities without sounding egotistical. "Instead of writing 'I'm friendly and outgoing,' say 'My friends call me a social butterfly,'" says Glass. "You get the message across in a way that sounds modest."BE SPECIFIC"If you're only interested in dog lovers, say so!" says Glass. You'll help guys who share your passions find you more quickly-and that sort of efficiency is one reason you're doing online dating in the first place.

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