Hillary Clinton and the Comeback Kids


April 24, 2008 10:45 PM
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Alberto E. Rodriguez
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Who doesnt love a forced analogy? So, if Apollo Creed was New Hampshire, and Ohio and Texas were Clubber Lang, then the Pennsylvania primary was the high stakes bout against that juicing Commie Ivan Drago. In each big state, Clinton, like Rocky, took some blows, but delivered the knockout just before the bell. She should take a symbolic run (okay, walk) up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum to drive the point home.


The revolutionaries were losing to the British Navy until the Red Coats tried to take the battle to the land. Starting in Saratoga, New York the Yanks gave em a shellacking; Hillarys drive for world domination began in upstate New York as well. Nice parallel.
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Rafael Suanes
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After two seasons that felt like one big interception, he caught up with the pros and brought his hapless Giants to the Super Bowl, beating barely-even-scored-against New England. Of course, Hill might not want to side with anyone who beat up a Patriot.
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Rabbani and Solimene Photography
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With Versace-alum Marco Zanini designing, the label that hasnt been relevant since Bianca Jagger was hot is now back on the runways, and on every savvy fashionistas radar.
Kevin Mazur
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Okay, maybe not a good idea.
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No, not Giuliani. The little footballer that could, from the eponymous 1993 movie. In much the same way Rudy won the hearts and minds of America by fighting his way onto the fighting Irish in the TriStar biopic, Hillary knows how to go long and cut in. Now, if she could just learn to cry as convincingly and liberally as Sean Astin


Michael Caulfield
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Yes, the Academy loves a Frenchwoman. But historically, its loved the English, old people, and degenerative diseases more. Cotillard, the 32-year-old dark horse, beat out sextagenarian Brit Julie Christie playing an old lady with Alzheimers. In fact, if Hillary goes up against crusty McCain, the analogy would be mighty convenient.
Albert L. Ortega
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From near-cancellation to being one of the most talked about shows on TV. Plus Tina Fey is a Clinton supporter. We dont care that she distanced herself from her SNL bitch is the new black rally cry. We know she is.
Shirlaine Forrest
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After nearly 30 years of ups and downs, their new album, The Saints of Los Angeles, is getting huge buzz, their best-selling book, Dirt, is being adapted for film, and theyre selling out massive stadium shows. Okay, so maybe the bands never been gone long enough to come back, but they TOTALLY ROCK.
Peter Aiken
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In one of the most exciting mens basketball championships ever, the Jayhawks came back from a 50-61 deficit with two minutes remaining to win, in overtime, 75-68. Theres no overtime in politics, but if Hills can hit some three pointers in the remaining primaries, she might get a shot at the title.