Julie Bensman

The Cool Girl's Guide to Rome

The Eternal City has endless options. Here's how to navigate them.

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The Cool Girl's Guide to Tuscany

It's not all epic vineyards and villas (but they've got those, too).

The Cool Girl's Guide to Florence

Because the birthplace of the Renaissance can be a bit overwhelming—if you don't know where to look.

5 Reasons You Really Need to Be Drinking Italian Wine If You're Not Already

As if you needed to be convinced.

The 6 Secret Ingredients That'll Make Your Slapdash Dinner Taste Like Real Italian Food

Because if you're not in Italy, you can at least eat like you are.

The Cool Girl's Guide to Venice

Here's the non-touristy way to visit the most romantic city on earth.

When Did Going to Church Become Taboo?
At the risk of seeming uptight, judgmental, or literally holier than thou, more and more women are hiding their faith from their friend…
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