What Does Your Look Reveal About You?

julia dewahl smiling in the park in a gray t shirt and workout pants
(Image credit: Mackenzie Stroh)

julia dewahl smiling in the park in a gray t shirt and workout pants

(Image credit: Mackenzie Stroh)


AW: I wonder why she doesn't clear up the quite-visible acne on her face and neck. It would make a big difference.

JD: My skin isn't perfect, but I just ignore it. I expect others not to pay attention to it either, and to just like me for who I am.


AW: She has major smile lines, even on her chin. She obviously smiles often.

JD: I do! A smile is a dead giveaway about a person's aura. It's what makes someone walk across the room to meet you.


AW: Her hair is pretty and thick, but her highlights don't quite fit her casual appearance.

JD: My highlights are 100 percent natural! I play tennis, so I'm outdoors all the time. I've never touched up my hair, except for once dying the tips purple.


AW: She's obviously comfortable with her body — her shirt's a little small and her pants a little low. Plus, she's looking straight at the camera.

JD: Good posture is key for women, and being 5'9" gives me extra confidence.

After giving us her first impressions, Wechsler confronts DeWahl's concerns.

AW: So, I noticed some red marks and pimples on your face.

JD: I've definitely struggled with acne, but it is what it is. I don't let it affect my confidence.

AW: Do the red spots remain after the pimples dry up?

JD: Sometimes. Can I prevent that?

AW: Absolutely — sunscreen! Unless skin is protected, redness can last for months. Use a minimum of SPF 30, and make sure it's oil-free so as not to make acne worse. Do you pick at your blemishes?

JD: I try not to.

AW: It's hard to break the habit, but picking can cause scarring. Find a way to distract yourself — maybe try putting a rubber band around your wrist and flicking it. It sounds weird, but it'll keep your hands off your face! Or treat yourself to a facial whenever you don't pick.

JD: What about my smile lines?

AW: Again, sunscreen. Sun-damaged skin makes lines more pronounced. It's easier to prevent than to reverse.

JD: I'm low-maintenance and only wear sunscreen at the beach in the summer.

AW: Do you think your natural beauty makes low-maintenance easier to pull off? Don't be modest — be honest!

JD: Well, yeah, it makes it easier to be confident and not stress about wearing makeup. In high school, there was pressure to do the sexy thing. I'm in college now, so my looks concern me less. You just start to focus on other things, like schoolwork and social activism.

AW: You're very self-aware for a woman so young. It's quite amazing. But one day, you'll thank me for the sunscreen!