This Is the Most Popular Plastic Surgery Where You Live

I'm not saying this is what your neighbor got, but this is definitely what your neighbor got.

I have a weird fascination with plastic surgery. I've yet to undergo any procedures myself, but Botched is a required viewing if you're my friend, and my Instagram feed is filled with oddly satisfying videos of chin reshaping and Botox before and afters.

So when the American Society of Plastic Surgery released new data about the most popular plastic surgeries in each region of the United States, I was obviously all over it. I mean, gotta keep up with the trends, right?

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Although the report didn't break down each state's individual preference, it did give a comprehensive view of regional trends. In Western states (like Washington, California, and Oregon), the most popular procedures of 2017 were breast and chin augmentations, whereas Midwestern states (like Kansas, Michigan, and Minnesota) were more likely to get lip reductions. Yes, reductions.

Ultimately, your plastic surgery preferences come down to your own personal wants and needs, but this data does provide interesting insight into your region's idea of "beauty" (as a reminder, all beauty standards are unrealistic, and you're a beautiful, perfect little human all on your own).

Keep reading to find out what percentage of people in your region got which procedure (spoiler alert: Male breast reduction reigns in the Northeast).


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