Baby Chanco's Hair Has Already Made Her an Instagram Celebrity

Oh my god. Oh my GOD.

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(Image credit: Instagram)

Please ignore everything else you’ve read today, because this is the most important news you’ll see all day: A baby on Instagram is currently going viral for her lush, voluminous, long-as-hell hair. What? Yup. Meet Baby Chanco, a seventh-month-old infant who is entering social media fame, thanks to her bouffant-level hair.

Who Is She?

Baby Chanco was born in Japan on December 2017, which means she’s currently younger than 90 percent of the canned goods in your pantry, yet she still has better hair than you’ll probably ever have. Her feed—which is clearly run and directed by the infant herself, without any parental supervision—features photos of her hair done up in bows and clips, making her the most adorable tiny creature I’ve ever seen.

And despite having only 46 photos of herself on Instagram, she’s already amassed more than 120,000 followers in her super-short life, making her current fame trajectory way, way more promising than anyone else you know.

Is It Real?

Though most babies are born with peach fuzz or a soft layer of wispy hair, Baby Chanco was born with a full head of hair, as seen in a newborn pic posted by her mom a few weeks ago. So, no, her hair isn't a wig, or some questionable extensions, or the result of Photoshop. It's real, real, real.

Please gaze upon these photos in shock and awe, and maybe make one of them your screensaver to cheer you up every single time you feel sad. I'm genuinely excited to see what Chanco's hair will look like when she's a full-grown kid. Real-life Rapunzel, anyone?

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