Clarisonic Brushes Are On Sale at Ulta Right Now

This is not a drill. NOT A DRILL.

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Ready for some really, really exciting news to break up your midweek (or, let’s be honest, all of 2018) mood? The most-popular cleansing brush you’ve always kinda, sorta, definitely wanted, but never had, is hardcore on sale right now. Yes, the classic Clarisonic Mia 1 is 38 percent off at Ulta, bringing its price from $129 to the whoppingly low, low price of $79. (You can also use an Ulta discount code.)

The Details

If you’re already a fan of Clarisonics, you know how good of a deal that is. If you’re only vaguely aware of the world of Clarisonics and don’t fully understand what the 14-year-long hype has been about, let me break it down for it: Clarisonic brushes are little devices that gently exfoliate and deeply cleanse your skin for a supposedly brighter, smoother complexion.

Each device comes with a detachable brush head that oscillates with 300 movements per second to help remove extra gunk, dry skin, flakes, and residue from your skin each time you cleanse your face. Just squirt your cleanser onto the wet bristles (which are truly very, very soft), turn the brush on, and rub the Clarisonic in circles over your skin. Think of the whole thing as a better, fancier, more effective replacement for your hands.


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So why the big sale? It likely has something to do with Clarisonic’s recent launch of its new Mia Smart, a three-speed “smart” iteration with four detachable brush heads (one to apply foundation, one to deep clean, one to massage your under-eyes, and one to “lift” sagging skin). And yes, it also comes with an app to track your skin’s progress, because why not? The only downside: It’s $199.

But if you’re looking to finally enter the world of Clarisonics (14 years later) on the cheap, I highly suggest trying out the Clarisonic Mia before it’s totally sold out. Just remember to start slowly: Only use your Clarisonic every other day for sensitive skin, and once a day for oily, non-irritable skin. Check out how to use them, ahead:

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