Shay Mitchell Loves Tarte Shape Tape Concealer Because It's Freaking Excellent

"This is something that I live by."

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Shay Mitchell is a thing of makeup dreams. Seriously—go check out her Instagram or any red-carpet photo for proof that she embodies the “go big, or go home” trope in her everyday beauty life. And thankfully, Mitchell has taken a hot second off from her new Lifetime series You to tell the world about her favorite beauty products—namely, the cult-favorite Tarte concealer Mitchell swears by.

The Details

In an interview with Cosmopolitan UK, Mitchell discussed her current beauty routine that’s full of Buxom products (which makes sense, considering she was just announced as the newest Buxom spokesperson). But aside from the Buxom love, Mitchell also chatted about her obsession with pure, basic coconut oil, saying “I use it for everything—sometimes, I'll even use it on my cheekbones, instead of highlighter, for a really healthy sheen.” (Heads up: I do not recommend trying this if you have acne-prone skin, since coconut oil is a major pore-clogger.)

The Goods

But the one thing every sleep-deprived, stressed-out person can appreciate? A good concealer. And Shay Mitchell’s favorite formula is not only good—it’s very, very, very great. “This is something that I live by,” says Mitchell about the beloved Tarte Shape Tape Concealer, which has more than 9,000 glowing reviews on Ulta. “I use the shade medium, and I use it as my concealer every day to cover all the spots that I have. I like to apply it before my foundation, so I have a clean slate to work from."

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Mitchell has spoken about her breakouts in the past, telling Bustle that when she does get a zit, “I sit and cry about it for 12 minutes,” she says, adding that then puts concealer on “really lightly with a Beautyblender that’s wet. You have to really lightly go over it—and then say a prayer five times.” Of course, I’ve never once seen a photo of Mitchell with even a tiny bump on her skin, but sure—we’ll pretend she’s just like us.

So if you’ve been on the hunt for a new concealer and still, for whatever crazy reason, haven’t just shelled out the $27 for the formula every single celebrity and makeup artist is obsessed with, then I think your time is now.

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