Here's How Much Human Faces and Bodies Will Change Over the Next 100 Years

My, what big eyes you'll have.

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Remember Graham, the melting Jabba-the-Hutt-like creature with a giant head and multiple breasts rippling down his front? He was an interactive silicone sculpture created to show how a human body would need to look in order to survive a high-speed car crash, and his appearance went viral last year because it was just so...freaky.

The point is, it's really fun and fascinating to see the human form manipulated. The Daily Mail recently gathered the research of several experts about how our anatomies and faces will change over the next hundred (and hundred thousand) years, and it's pretty trippy.

Academic Juan Enriquez explored the idea of how humans will have to adapt in order to survive on others planets in a TED talk. For example, we'd need harder-working lungs and muscles to process different levels of oxygen, and cells that can repair themselves from radiation damage. Yes, these enhancements could be generations away, but it's just about manipulating the genome—that is, work scientists are already playing around with.

In the more immediate future, Dr. Alan Kwan discusses how an ability to genetically select or modify our babies will result in the expansion of typically attractive qualities. Imagine a world where everyone has giant eyes and perfectly slim noses. Those large peepers will be necessary to take in light if we're living on planets farther away from the sun.

Oh, and foreheads will get bigger and bigger to accommodate our swelling brains. Evolution!

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