Elizabeth Olsen's New Blonde Hair With Wispy Bangs is the Epitome of Olsen Style

Blonde, beachy perfection? Check.

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It’s always tricky, when you’re the youngest child, not to just follow in the fashion footsteps of your older siblings. A few of us can probably blame our unfortunate teenage phases on just copying a brother and sister’s own angst—but hey, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. That rule even applies to Elizabeth Olsen who, after a brief time living on the dark side, has returned to the signature family look with her latest hairstyle.

With dreamy, boho lengths basically written in her genes, the Avengers star has revealed that she’s back to following her family fate when it comes to beauty. Making a red carpet appearance in Beverly Hills for holiday celebrations with the Brooks Brothers on Monday night, Elizabeth showcased the perfect Olsen look. The bangs that she first debuted back in November have now grown out to the perfect, eyelash-skimming wispy length, while her hair looked enviably longer, blonder and beachier than ever.

It’s Elizabeth's most naturally Olsen-esque look for a while, having recently experimented with everything from cooler shades of blonde, to darker brunette moments and even more firey, coppery colors (not to mention the bright red hair that her Avengers Scarlet Witch is famous for). Despite all of that, it looks like home is always where the blonde, beachy waves are for any Olsen sister.

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As well as her new hairstyle, Olsen, who stars as a young widow in a new series for Facebook Watch titled Sorry For Your Loss, delivered a lesson in holiday dressing for anyone who’s frankly allergic to sequins and sparkle and prefers something a little more understated.

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Her black two-piece suit looked both classic and modern, effortlessly chic with a double breasted jacket, rolled up sleeves, wide leg trousers and a high neck shirt. Oh, and red velvet heels to finish because…y'know, Christmas.

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