This Is Halle Berry’s Anti-Aging Secret That Keeps Her Skin Looking Forever Young

Hint: It’s a face mask.

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Like the rest of the world, I want to know all of Halle Berry's secrets. She's 52 years old and her unbelievable beauty has remained timeless. How has she managed to be the walking epitome of #SkinGoals (and #BodyGoals) all these years?!? Well, thankfully, the actress took to Instagram to show us one of the ways she keeps her skin looking absolutely ageless. It's surprisingly simple and no needles are involved.

Enjoy this bangin' bikini selfie of Berry wearing a face mask, which she credits as her favorite mask for anti-aging benefits.

Berry captioned the photo: "Treat Ya Self Tuesday ✨✨ - When in doubt, face masks are EVERYTHING. I personally love @olgalorencinskincare’s ageless mask - what do you guys use??"

All I can say is thank you, Halle. And now, this mask can take all of my hard-earned money because I too want to look forever young.

Here are the deets: The $98 mask is apart of a two-step treatment process called Ageless Facial in a Box. The first mask is an exfoliating peel that's full of plant-based acids and antioxidants meant to give you a brighter, more radiant complexion. The second product is a hydrating sleep mask that plumps and firms your skin overnight with loads of anti-aging ingredients. They both work to smooth fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, hyperpigmentation, redness, and more.

Just for funsies (and further proof that her skin is eternally gorgeous), here's Halle's 10-year challenge.

2009 Halle

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2019 Halle

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Nothing else needs to be said. Now, excuse me while I sit on my couch and indulge in Halle's Treat Ya Self Tuesdays while letting this mask work all of its magic on my skin. Bye!

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