Alicia Keys Stuck to Wearing Barely Any Makeup at the 2019 Met Gala and Looks Stunning

A fresh-faced, glowing goddess.

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In 2016, Alicia Keys decided to ditch the notion of needing to wear makeup to feel your best. Even for the biggest occasions, like her 2016 album cover, magazine covers, and every carpet for every award show she's walked since, she's proudly baring it all. I've tried Keys' no-makeup makeup approach before with the products her makeup artist at the time told me she used, and it is not easy. She stayed true to her natural, minimal makeup memo this evening at the 2019 Met Gala. And let me tell you, her confidence at an event where everyone else is wearing completely done-up, over-the-top makeup is truly inspiring.

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On tonight's red carpet, it looks like she's wearing a sheen on her eyes for a subtle, light-catching shine, mascara, and a swipe of gloss or a balm of some sort. In terms of face makeup, her skin looks seemingly untouched—although, there might be a dab of highlighter on there somewhere to amp up her luminous glow. Either way, it's the most natural look of all looks tonight.

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It would be wrong if we didn't talk hair. This fabulous style Keys is wearing so well was prepped by stylist Jawara with a good blow-dry and then diffused courtesy of the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer professional edition ($400).

She looks regal, and doesn't need a trace of makeup. You, reading this right now, also don't need makeup either. Makeup is fun, fabulous, and empowering. And you should certainly have your way with it. But always remember that it's an added bonus to enhance your natural beauty—by no means is it a necessity. Even on the fanciest night of fashion, Keys is proof that this statement holds so much truth.

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Sure, she has access to the top skincare experts in the business and definitely gets the most expensive facials on a regular basis. But that doesn't mean your skin can't look just as good. Stick to a regimen that works for you, and be consistent. Thank you, Keys, for this glowy skin red carpet moment that's making me get my ass off the couch right now to wash this makeup that's been on my face all day. Goodnight!

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