This Dragon Lipstick Will Help You Live Your Best Khaleesi Life

This Dragon Lipstick Will Help You Live Your Best Khaleesi Life

As fantasy fans reel over yet another season finale of a certain dragon-featuring show, they might want to find ways to keep the fandom alive until season eight comes around in...maybe 2019? And fantasy beauty purveyor Storybook Cosmetics might just have the perfect fandom balm, or rather lipstick—as in, dragon-themed lipstick.

As reported by HelloGiggles, the brand first reported that they were working on dragon lipstick back in March, announcing, "INTRODUCING our Storybook Cosmetics Dragon Lipsticks! These lipsticks are inspired by all of our fire breathing friends, and will be available FALL 2017! 🐲IMPORTANT! These are our own original creations, they are not sponsored, endorsed or licensed by any other existing literary or visual work. ❤"— but like, c'mon.

And then...static. The brand went on to promote several other products almost definitely inspired by pop-culture franchises, like these stunning rose brushes:

And this witchy eye palette and brush set:

But finally, Storybook's confirmed that indeed, the dragon lippies are on their way to the world: "Our new Dragon lipsticks needed some revamping and the prototype is finally finished and approved! We are hoping to have these for sale by the holidays but more likely it will be early next year."

There's still no word as to what the lipsticks' exact shades will be (besides that teased classic red), but since it looks like there are three different tubes, dragon fans will have options. All in all, it looks like Storybook's going to be serving up fantasy beauty fit for even the most discerning dragon queen.

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